Pursuing a post-secondary education can get hectic.

A semester can go by very quickly, which means it is smart to be organized upfront. Gotofi can help with that.

I wish I had gotofi back in 2020

That’s when I started university…🤔💭

I am an organized person when it comes to my studies. Every semester I spend a few hours organizing my schedule on Notion from what is given to me by my professors.

To make things go faster, I made my own Notion template for each semester. But, there is always that one thing that I just can not optimize for time.

It still takes me hours to…

Take a look around you…at the things you use in your daily life…your phone, laptop, house, or whatever it is…

Everything has gone through some sort of design process.

Nothing human-made in this world would exist without an element of design.

Now, a lot of people think you have to be artistic to go into design, BUT art and design are two very different things. Let me explain…

Art is a creation based on the artist’s personal interests and it is open to interpretation. …

792 million people in the world have to deal with a mental illness every single day. That is 1 in 10 people globally, that are unhappy with their lives.

Having to battle through this journey with no hope of a cure. JUST band-aide solutions, in a world full of chaos.

15 to 24-year-olds are most likely to develop mental illnesses, as the world is advancing in a very stressful way for our brains to handle. Our youth are the ones being affected the most, and this will dramatically impact the future that we all live in.

Often these illnesses can…

A run-down of why we need cellular agriculture ASAP

In the year 2050, the earth is estimated to reach a population of 9.8 BILLION people! Demands over resources will skyrocket. Nations will start fighting over resources. What will affect us first? Will it be a food shortage, lack of clean drinking water or an energy shortage in a world filled with technology😱?!

This foreseeable future may as well be reality if we continue with the traditional ways we have of agriculture.

Is our future on the line???

It’s no surprise that there are a lot of problems in the world that we live in today.

  • Animal cruelty
  • Environmentally Destructive (Massive Deforestation- We need lots of…

This small piece of technology may be small but it is big when it comes to new emerging technologies out there. As we know, in our new day and age, the smaller the piece of technology, the more practical it is, and easy to use. Nanosensors are the future of our environment, medicine, and engineering. In this article, you will learn all types of information about nano sensors, such as what they are, why they are important, how they work, how they are built in terms of nanofabrication, the issues with nanofabrication, and how to improve them.

To understand what…

Farah El Siss

Sharing my insights and thoughts about the world we all live in today.

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