• Rania Hashim

    Rania Hashim

    14 y/o pleasing her future self.

  • Goddessdamazonia


  • Alishba Imran

    Alishba Imran

    I’m a developer & innovator who enjoys building products and researching ways we can use AI, Blockchain & robotics to solve problems in healthcare and energy!

  • Mir Ali Zain

    Mir Ali Zain

    17-Year Old AI and BCI enthusiast, Innovator, Researcher, and Developer @ The Knowledge Society (TKS)

  • Mahmoud Raslan

    Mahmoud Raslan

  • Vansh Sethi

    Vansh Sethi

    15 y/o emerging technologies enthusiast vanshs.com

  • aashi grover

    aashi grover

    17 ~ tks alum

  • Zaki Rangwala

    Zaki Rangwala

    17 year old | High School Student | Tech Enthusiast

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