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  • Rosa Li

    Rosa Li

    Passionate about solving problems. Currently diving into space tech

  • Hannah Le

    Hannah Le

  • Aadil A.

    Aadil A.

    Youthful ML Dev. || Twitter: @aadillpickle || Website: aadilali.com

  • Nazra Noushad

    Nazra Noushad

  • Adara Hagman

    Adara Hagman

    18 y/o researching closed-loop systems for earth + space.

  • Ayleen Farnood

    Ayleen Farnood

    Grade 12 high school student and BCI & VR developer! Feel free to visit www.ayleenfarnood.com to learn more about me :)

  • Navid Nathoo

    Navid Nathoo

    Founder, The Knowledge Society

  • Michael Raspuzzi

    Michael Raspuzzi

    Olympic level innovation coach training future CEOs at TKS. More at tks.world

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