Gotofi: Automate Organizing Your Studies in Minutes.

Farah El Siss
4 min readMay 19, 2021

Pursuing a post-secondary education can get hectic.

A semester can go by very quickly, which means it is smart to be organized upfront. Gotofi can help with that.

I wish I had gotofi back in 2020

That’s when I started university…🤔💭

I am an organized person when it comes to my studies. Every semester I spend a few hours organizing my schedule on Notion from what is given to me by my professors.

To make things go faster, I made my own Notion template for each semester. But, there is always that one thing that I just can not optimize for time.

It still takes me hours to fill in all the term information. The assignments, labs, quizzes, and midterms dates. Their weights on my grades. How I am going to manage handling that for the semester. It’s just so much…

Manually inputting in all of these major tasks for my courses, along with their weights, dates, and their reminders took hours.

Even then, when I messed up a few dates on my template, it truly affected my grades, my sleep, and my mental health as I lost control over my life.

When talking to some of my university friends about this, it just seemed to be another university experience that a lot of us just go through. Like a right of passage into university life?!

This is normal?! Most of the 23 million students enrolled in a post-secondary education in North America have to deal with this?! 🤯

When paying so much for our education, when we are alone, and when we are trying to figure out our place in adulthood, mistakes when learning how to organize our time effectively can have a dent in our academic careers.

When talking to all these people in university, I realized that the problem is that…

Organizing our lives can be a huge learning curve.

We don’t have hours to waste in our semester to set up a system for ourselves and learn what works for us without sacrificing time where we can be productive with our studies instead.

Focus on your education with gotofi.

At gotofi, our vision is to create a world where people can get the most out of their education.

To get there, we are creating a tool to organize a student’s life effectively in minutes enabling them to be more productive and successful with their studies.

Going from hours to minutes with gotofi. How?

A web application that automates student organization in minutes by uploading course syllabuses onto the platform which creates course spaces and suggested schedules based on your profile.

Dashboard with an overview of all your courses, a list of your top 10–15 tasks due soon, and your to-do list for the day.

Overview of gotofi platform:

  • Set up your profile by answering a series of questions to help gotofi understand how you spend your time, what program of study you are in, and other information to help tailor gotofi to you and optimize your experience using the platform.
  • Add courses by uploading a syllabus onto gotofi to create a course space. From a syllabus, gotofi will pull relevant course information such as assignment/quiz/lab/midterm dates, their weights, platforms that the professor uses, and resources(textbooks and websites). This information will fill in a template that will allow you to see and keep track of everything in one place.
  • Your dashboard will have an overview of all your courses, your top 10–15 priority tasks of the week, and your daily to-dos, which all depend on upcoming dates and your profile.
  • Connect to your google calendar to view all important dates and reminders regarding your classes from your calendar to optimize your time and be more productive with your studies.

An assistant that saves you time, to help you focus on what matters.

There are many great apps/resources similar to gotofi, like using notion templates,, Trello, google calendar, etc. If you put in the time, they will all help you organize your life at university, only if used correctly.

What makes gotofi unique from other platforms is that it personalizes and automates organization in university.

Gotofi will automate organizing your time and help you keep up with your studies, which can cut down on time to set up your own system from hours to minutes. Helping you focus on what matters, which is succeeding with your studies and reaching your goals.

With gotofi, we want you to have a space where you can just relax, can be in control, and can focus on your actual studies.

At gotofi we just want you to succeed…

👉If you are a university student and you want to use our platform, sign up for our waitlist as we will launch when the new semester starts! Our website: 👈



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