Lattnem- Our Solution to Mental Illnesses Everywhere…

We want people to feel free of the constraints set by their minds.

..this complex chronic illness affects the functions of the brain and body.

It manifests through drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, and anything that the brain can turn from a like to a NEED.

  • Continued use of substances despite the serious known consequences
  • The preoccupation with always using, dealing with the failed attempts to quit. (no control over intense cravings😢)
  • The tolerance built up and withdrawal

Addiction hijacks your brain😱

The brain’s way of functioning screws itself over, and turns people into addicts! I know… CRAZY!

  • Pleasure principle
  • Learning and memory of pleasure
  • Tolerance and compulsion to seek pleasure
Important areas of the brain that Lattnem plans to target during its treatment.

A brain to AI interface via nanosensors to create our wearable.

Our light and easy to use wearable design, with built-in state of the art nanosensors will keep track of the overall mental states and the hormone level changes in the brain. Targetting and treating areas of the brain correlating with addiction through a built-in machine learning(ML)system. This system will provide real-time data to a patient or physician through our Lattnem App.

  1. The Wearable: Through wirelessly connected nanosensors that interact with an AI system and administers treatment to areas of the brain affected through electrical impulses.
  2. AI System: It receives input data tracking one’s mental state and analyzes it to administer appropriate personalized treatment to the areas showing any inbalance.
  3. Lattnem App: The wearable is wirelessly connected to an app designed to keep the patient or physician in the loop, to assure everything is getting better.
Data is collected and analyzed through our system where it personalizes treatment in real-time and updates the user through our App.

1. Designing a wearable fit for everyone.

A wearable will be designed to non-invasively target specific areas of the brain that are affected by addiction, such as the nucleus accumbens, hippocampus, and amygdala, through innovative nanosensors and EEG technologies we are currently researching. It is meant to track one’s mental state by analyzing in real-time any serious changes in the hormone, mainly dopamine, levels in areas of the brain.

  • are wireless and noninvasive that can track and stimulate neurons deep in the brain to administer treatment, in real-time.
  • can stay aligned correctly on the head, while stimulating the right nerves.
  • can administer treatment while a patient is awake without any feeling.
  • are so small that they can be portable and lightweight.
MOSES is our solution to addiction. Our first step towards the bigger picture…all mental illnesses.

2. Well-trained AI system to administer personalized treatments.

It is next to impossible to personalize treatment for every single patient without the help of AI. At Lattnem, through our Lattnem AI system, we plan to personalize targetted treatment through an ML algorithm, as it will allow us to assess and administer treatment in real-time. It tracks and sends live notifications to the app, keeping the patient in the loop.

3. Real-time assurance through the Lattnem App

The Lattnem App is meant to keep the patient and their physicians in the loop, to assure that our system is working perfectly. All data collected and history of administration will be tracked on this app.

A preview of our Lattnem App.

Lattnem is the Future

We believe in further innovation and ambition at Lattnem. This is why we are researching how to further our products through emerging technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, brain computing interfaces, nanotechnology, and personalized medicine. With Lattnem our vision will become a reality.

  • Year 1: To design and create the right nanosensors for our wearable. Collect all training data of healthy patients, those at different stages of addiction, and those who have relapsed. As well as, find the right model to train our ML system.
  • Year 2: Finalize designs of wearable and ML systems for MOSES. Start developing the App. Start collecting training data for our second product, geared towards those with depression. As well as starting to market to different companies and the public. Teasing our product😮.
  • Year 3: Launch MOSES!!!Continue to collect data and train the ML system for depression wearable. Start the design of new wearable.
  • Year 4: Work on an update to the existing app to add a placeholder for new products (coming soon).
  • Year 5–10: Launch the second product!! To further innovate and tackle each mental illness disorder and maybe a possibility of a universal mental illness wearable.
  • We are working on a way to eradicate mental illnesses in the world, starting our journey with addiction.
  • Our system consists of a light, adjustable, flexible, and affordable wearable that administers personalized treatment through an AI system developed at Lattnem. All information is accessible in real-time on our Lattnem App.
  • We have a line of products to come. Our first one is MOSES, a wearable built to track, prevent, and treat addiction.
  • Depression is what we are tackling next.
  • Innovation is our game!



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